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Ant Builders started out in 1998. The very first project we took on was to install one medicine cabinet for $50.00. It took two of us all day to get this done. Did we under bid it? Yes, and it took us way too long to finish what should have been a two hour project. Believe it or not we were so excited with our $50.00 for the day and a very happy first Client.

Our company has grown over the years but we still remain small enough that I still have the time to visit every site each day. I meet every Client before the contract is signed and my goal is to deliver on my promise. Check out our Completed Projects and you will see some very nicely done work that was completed on budget and on time.

If there is one thing I will deliver is a happy Client in the end. No project we have ever started went without a hitch. Construction is a complicated symphony of surprises and too many things can go wrong. I have a uncomplicated way of running our small company. Fix the problem. Move on. Deliver an exceptional product. Add one another happy client to our list.

  • Never take money up front. 30% to start a project is ridiculous. Pay me as I complete the tasks.
  • Stay on budget. Stand behind the estimate and never make the Client pay for my mistake if I do under bid the project.
  • The price. Keep it fair. We are neither the cheapest nor the high end option. For what I deliver it is a fair deal.
  • Never delay. I have put this in writing in our contract. For every day we are late on completion, I fine ourselves $100.00 per day.
  • Do not over schedule. I turn new projects down every day. I only schedule 2 projects at the same time.
  • Stick to what we know. Beyond our expertise and I will turn the project down. I do what I know we can deliver on.
  • The reality. Never over promise to sell. Dust, delays and surprises are just part of any renovation.
  • Fix it. Mistakes happen. Let me fix it.
  • The Warranty. Stand behind it even if the one year warranty is up. If it is our fault you will find me there years after getting it fixed.

Our crew is a small group of honest and friendly people. I thank them for delivering a product that I can stand behind. They are the number one reason that I continue to be able to do this for a living.

As much as I appreciate any new business that may come my way I also evaluate my ability to deliver on it before taking on the project. I turn work down every day and I am always happy to refer the potential Client to another company that I know can deliver. There are several reasons behind this but the bottom line is that I want to focus on the projects that I have been already hired on.

Shy Nair
Owner of Ant Builders

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